Air Duct & Dryer Duct Cleaning Service in Spokane, WA


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We specialize in keeping your dryer and air ducts safe, clean, and efficient.
  • Dryer Duct Cleaning - Reduces the risk of dryer fires. In addition, you'll notice fresher smelling laundry and faster drying times.
  • Air Duct Cleaning- Reduces indoor air contamination (e.g., dust, mold spores, pet hair). Improves the efficiency of air systems and reduces the risk of allergens in the home.
Our HD Video Technology Sets Us Apart!
Check out our quick information video to see the top reasons to get dryer ducts professionally cleaned and how Dryer Ducks can help extend the life of your dryer. Our technology is also used to inspect air ducts to determine the level of dust and contaminants in your system.

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SPECIAL: Double Duck Package

Dryer Ducks takes care of the whole family – saving you money while reducing the risk of a dryer fire.

Purchase two rounds of Dryer Ducks services (two years of service) and save $20.00! You can rest easy knowing that your dryer vents are doing their job as efficiently as possible. Also, no need to remember when your service dates are – our friendly customer support agents will take care of that for you.

Call (509) 315-1119 to learn more or to buy this package.

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Real Customer Testimonials
Bob S.

For sure… I was really impressed with the job he did. It wasn’t an easy access. He could have easily cut corners, but not in the least.
Great job!