Air Duct Cleaning: 

Indoor air quality can be up to 70% worse than outdoor air quality. To maintain clean air quality and the efficient operation of your furnace/AC units, cleanings should be done every 2 to 4 years or as needed. Factors that influence the frequency of cleanings would include having pets, allergies, asthma, recent construction/remodeling, or outdoor pollutants (such as smoke from nearby fires).

Dryer Ducks uses an agitation cleaning method, which includes cleaning each vent, return, and all the ductwork with spinning nylon brush hoses that dislodge debris and simultaneously vacuum it up with a high-powered HEPA vacuum. Each register is also vacuumed and wiped clean by hand. Air duct cleaning prices are quoted on site on a case-by-case basis. *Multiple Unit Discounts are offered.

  • Leading Technology - We have the leading technology in our field, state of the art HEPA filtered vacuums that won't release harmful particulates back into the air.

  • Thorough Cleaning Method - Our tools and expertise allow us to use the best cleaning methods for your home. Including agitation brush cleaning, and HEPA filter vacuums.

  • Odor Control & Sanitizing Spray - Our technicians can advise on our various odor control and disinfectant spray methods available.

  • HD Video Technology - Our HD Video camera provides live footage of what's inside your ducts.

  • Award Winning Customer Service - Our customers always come first with our 100% satisfaction guarantee we make sure your expectations are met. 

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