Dryer Duct Cleaning: 

All dryer manufacturers recommend annual cleanings of the ductwork to ensure optimal performance of the appliance. Lint and debris build up inside the ductwork over time. Clearing the ducts of any obstruction allows for maximum air flow, which is necessary to prevent lint or moisture build up. Failure to clean the ducts regularly could result in excessive moisture and mold, or excessive lint buildup and dryer fires.

Dryer Ducks uses an agitation cleaning method, which includes running our extension brushes through all ductwork to dislodge debris and vacuum it up simultaneously. Every full-service dryer vent cleaning also includes cleaning of the floor behind the dryer, the lint trap, transition piece, exit vent, and under the drum on the rear inside of the dryer. There is no additional charge for cleaning longer lengths of ductwork since Dryer Ducks uses flat rate pricing per unit.


*Multiple Unit Discounts are offered.

  • Leading Technology - Each inspection begins with an airflow reading form an anemometer and a visual inspection both inside and outside.

  • Thorough Cleaning Method - Our tools and expertise allow us to use the best cleaning methods for your home. Including agitation brush cleaning, and HEPA filter vacuums. 

  • HD Video Inspection - Our HD Video camera shows live footage of what's inside your ducts.

  • Free Annual Reminders - Receive a free inspection each year to make sure your dryer remains safe, clean, and efficient.

  • Award Winning Customer Service - Our customers always come first, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee we make sure your expectations are met. 

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